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Among the tools for home fitness exercise bike is definitely one of the most interesting for those who want to lose weight. On this site we often talk of running as a healthy sport preferential purposes. The bike, if used properly, has nothing to envy to the running and other aerobic sports where the goal is weight loss or, more generally, improving health.
Calorie expenditure with exercise bikes

The key difference between losing weight with running and weight loss with exercise bikes is that in the first case the calories consumed can be measured easily and with a good approximation, while the latter requires much more attention. The athletic race, in fact, forces the body to consume energy in amounts proportional to mileage. The calculation is then very simple (mileage * weight in kg = calorie expenditure).

Calories consumed with the bike (or even by bicycle) are not so easily calculable, since they depend on factors difficult to measure (regulation of resistance and cadence). Almost all modern bike displayed an indication of the calories consumed during exercise, but almost always shown as not very reliable. Only the most sophisticated exercise bikes, ergometers calls, provide a reliable estimate of calorie expenditure, as they have a very precise mechanism for adjusting the resistance (electromagnetic induction) that allows you to accurately assess energy expenditure during exercise.
Intensity, duration and frequency of exercise

If the goal is to lose weight, the three parameters must be combined so as to maximize the calories weekly. Needless to overdo a session too intense or too slow if you’ve got to stand still three days to recover! Much better ride a bit ‘less or a bit’ slower, but being able to perform a minimum of exercise every day (or at least every other day).

Caution, however, because the lack of ventilation, the fatigue of the previous days, and especially the lack of reference points (when you go by bike is easy to time how long it takes to run a stretch of road known) are all elements that may be deceived into thinking that you’re going “very strong” but when the intensity is low.

If you do not have available a very sophisticated exercise bike that allows you to measure heart rate (to the eye or ear clip sensor type systems for the fingers as they often do not work that great), you may want to buy a heart rate monitor chest strap. There are economic models that can be very useful to see the intensity of effort (with the bike, to assess the intensity of the exercise “to feeling” can be misleading).

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