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The training program on the exercise bike is designed to get all the benefits that brings the bike, then does not aim to become a person such as a cyclist. In fact, on the exercise bike is warming, then who wants to become an athlete continues with others in the gym or not. If you want to do a program to increase muscle tone, weight loss, promote circulation, improve cardiovascular system, etc.. the bike is a good tool.

The training program on the exercise bike is often aided by computers on the same bike. It can be hard to choose a program or an easier. The same computers have a number of programs which give the best possible start those who want to start a workout program.

Definitely keep in mind some tips:

* Should not start too hard, start with the basic program without any resistance when you pedal
* The exercise bike is not enough, and are stretching exercises for upper limbs
* Consistency, especially at home, it is essential
* Weight loss diet is also regularize
* If you have joint problems, cardiac motion or attention to do it yourself, first consult a physician
* Do not overdo

Councils seem common, but instead are fundamental, the training program with the bike that is proposed below serves to initiate a person to become familiar with the bike. Then choose your gear from the computer training programs that will please you more.


This training program is great for people who want to start going on the exercise bike. Repeat the exercises three times a week. Do not rush things. Increase of 5 or 10 minutes on the exercise bike each week to a maximum of 50 minutes. If it gets boring listening to music.

Duration 40 minutes
10 upper and lower heating
30 minutes of stationary bike after 10 minutes you can do exercises on the exercise bike for the upper limbs
10 minutes of stretching, in this regard we recommend proper stretching exercises.

The exercise bike or fitness bike is a stationary bike suitable home aerobic activity, which allows an indoor cycling workout especially for the lower limb muscles and cardiovascular system.

It ‘easy to use, compact, suitable for all ages and all levels of sport.

Exists in different variants (vertical, horizontal and indoor cycling) to suit different needs training.

With a circular motion with low impact on joints (especially knees) and cardiovascular stimulation than that of the race, the bike is particularly suitable for rehabilitation.

The bike can strengthen muscles, but also to increase their stamina.
It ‘also perfect for preparing for a sporting event, with the ability to formulate a comprehensive training program for that purpose.


The programs allow you to plan your training in a targeted way, depending on the total distance you want to achieve, or training time, as well as in more advanced models, to their heart rate.
Different programs may include varying speeds or inclines.

Thanks to advanced console display can monitory all the details of their training in real time.


It ‘important to maintain correct posture during exercise.

Check that the seat and handlebars are adjustable.

After sitting down with a foot at most, your leg should be almost fully stretched with the knee slightly flexed.

The handlebars should be at a comfortable distance.

Ideally, while you ride, your weight should be evenly distributed throughout the structure.

We must continue pedaling circles on instead of pushing your front foot, the better for toning muscles and avoid injuries.

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