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Run, bike or exercise bike?

The bike is often snubbed by the more competitive runners and cyclists, but sometimes unfairly. For there are many positive aspects that must be recognized in this useful tool.

* Can also be used by those who are very overweight as it is very light on the joints such as stroke (a medical examination is still required). Compared to the bicycle (which has to deal with the path that follows) has also the advantage of a regular light and constant resistance throughout the workout.
* Can be an alternative to the classic bike for those who have the agility and balance needed for use in road racing bike or mountain bike.
* You can exercise at any time, no matter if there is dark outside, hail or snow. There are no excuses: calories burned with the exercise bike each week are as laid down.
* When you feel too tired and you stop pedaling immediately shower you do not risk running out of energy (or a punctured wheel) away from home.

Obviously there are several drawbacks that must be taken into account, especially when the state begins to be discreet in shape.

* It is difficult to perform high intensity workouts for several minutes, a bit ‘to the monotony, but especially for the difficulties in therm regulation. Movement in sports such as running or cycling outdoors charged, the effect of “headwind” to lower the body temperature effectively. On the exercise bike when you ride in your home or gym, we remain firm in the same spot and then the evaporation of sweat is much slower. At the end of an intense workout you find yourself completely wet (as you exit the pool, for instance).
* It is not easy to quantify the progress in training. Lacking, in fact, the ability to deal objectively with other athletes and with precise reference points.
* The calories with exercise bikes for each hour of exercise were slightly lower than those that are edible running or cycling (on a “perceived effort”). If the objective is to lose weight, this should not be underestimated.

Health first

The exercise with the exercise bike should be considered as a real sport: before you start is essential to check to be healthy. A visit by your doctor (or even better from a sports doctor) may help to dispel doubts and leave safely!

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