Bikes do to lose weight is fine! If you think has the best chance to cycling to lose weight. This is because you outdoor sports, improves oxygenation, increases the ability of balance and fatigue becomes known.

But often the exercise bike to lose weight is comfortable for those who are unable or do not recommend cycling. For example the elderly or people who are too overweight may begin to lose weight just doing the exercise bike. The benefits are numerous, here we summarize the main

* Weight loss
* Improvement of circulation
* Increased resistance
* Training of the heart
* Stress

The consistency should be a milestone for those who choose to lose weight with exercise bikes, especially if the tool is at home. Indeed it is known that having a subject of weight loss at home is the most convenient way to say that you are doing sports, whether at home or outside the home would need a constant activity accompanied by a balanced diet. Indeed not only necessary to burn fat but do not even ingest excess, why make a weight loss diet is very important.

What is the weight loss program with the bike?

* 3-4 times a week for a duration of 20 minutes then increasing to 5 minutes each week until reaching 40
* Cycling without going too quickly under stress, the heart should remain between 120 and 140
* Loosen the hardness of the bike ride, if you use a pedal too hard it may increase muscle mass
* Maintain an upright posture
* Do not stop
* Put the appropriate music to relax and concentrate fully on training session.

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