What are the benefits of exercise bikes?

Do aerobic exercise bike basically means do not go away and benefits from cycling. To explain more fully the word aerobics and see every single benefit, we think that the bike is a complete tool for any kind of effort. The first advantage of an exercise bike, compared to running for example, is to allow the physical work that preserves the joints.

In fact, if you sit on a saddle, the lower limb joints are not stressed. Here we are talking about sport not load, our muscles should not bear the weight of our body and so there it is easier to train. The bike is then ideal to lose weight, for example, because aerobic activity to a constant beat that is around 120 to 140 burns fat optimally.

The benefits of exercise bikes are however many more and we can summarize:

* Improves cardiovascular and resistance
* Works preserving the joints
* Tone the muscles but do not increase in volume (often what women want to avoid)
* Improves the efficiency of the joints
* Increases lung capacity
* Useful for weight loss

These are just some of the benefits of exercise bikes, as mentioned in the previous section is suitable for everyone and recommended for people who have joint problems or diseases of the spine. In general it is suitable for:

* Those who suffer from sciatica, lumbago, back problems (that is, the fact of sitting on a saddle download the spine by weight)
* Rehabilitation of lower limb
* Recover muscle tone
* For those with joint problems
* People who have damaged meniscus, ligament problems
* Etc.

The benefits of exercise bikes are many, we have to start with our training program on exercise bikes.

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