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Diamondback Fitness 500Sr Step-Thru Recumbent Exercise Bike

Diamondback Fitness 500Sr Step-Thru Recumbent Exercise Bike

                                                       List Price       : $599.00
                                                       Sale Price      : $403.65

                                                       You Save         : $195.35
                                                       Percent Save   : 33%

19 Customer Reviews
 Average Rating : 4.5/ 5

Buy Diamondback Fitness 500Sr Step-Thru Recumbent Exercise Bike Now

Diamondback Fitness 500Sr Step-Thru Recumbent Exercise Bike Features:

  • Recumbent exercise bike with eddy current brake resistance system
  • Exclusive extra-wide Comfort-Plus seat and molded backrest
  • Built-in console tracks your time, pulse, calories, distance, and more
  • Plug-in jack with speakers for MP3 player; 275-pound weight capacity
  • Measures 67 x 31 x 12.5 inches (W x H x D); limited lifetime frame warranty

Diamondback Fitness 500Sr Step-Thru Recumbent Exercise Bike Description
Product DescriptionNot in the mood to exercise? Now you have no excuse not to workout! Warranty & Frame Brake: Lifetime Parts & Electronics: 3 years Labor: 1 Year of Amazon. com Product DescriptionSit in the lap of luxury while driving your way to fitness with the Diamondback 500Sr step recumbent exercise bike. The 500Sr – that many of the most popular on the market – has an efficient system of eddy current brake for up. . . More>> Diamondback Fitness 500Sr Step-Thru Recumbent Exercise Bike

Buy Diamondback Fitness 500Sr Step-Thru Recumbent Exercise Bike Now

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5 Responses to “Diamondback Fitness 500Sr Step-Thru Recumbent Exercise Bike”

  • good bike for the price I would have liked to have been a better display quality, but generally well built and my grandmother loves it. Rating: 4 / 5

  • I bought this bike sight unseen after a lot of onderzoek.Ik could not find locally, but I found a similar (lower end model) at Sears. Sears had this bike online for $ 200 more, plus $ 125 for shipping (can not be shipped to store) and tax. . . It ‘was $ 409 @ Amazon. . . I was worried about the comments / reviews on the warranty if you buy from a store of brick and mortar, or other reviews indicating voiding the warranty by assembling it yourself. I sent Diamondback (their website) and went back and forth with a seller who assured me that nothing was true. He said he had tried to misinformation Internet for a long time to correct (I actually responded to a comment on them) and could not zelf.Anyway I plan a shipment of Amazon to block 9-12. . . The night before the local carrier called me and left a message, apparently their time slots are different they 10-2, which left me to continue work for a whole day instead of just about half. . . . 02:30 by carrier is not in my house, so I called them (RTC here) and told me that left a name on my door shortly after 9 hours. I told them that I left the house, walked around my house and I saw no tags. After a little ‘back and forth with their driver (I did not hear) said they would leave my house on Monday when I left a note with the permission of it (I was not going to stay home once again to leave and apparently tried to leave the wrong house!). I emailed Amazon, because I was so angry at taking a day off work for nothing and were reimbursed $ 85 for shipping (especially because it was considered later). The bike arrived yesterday, and left that was blocking the stairs on my rear deck (I asked them to show on deck). The box is cumbersome, but they zwaar.We inside and I opened it and pulled out all the parts and put them out. It has many parts. In a note, a number of bolts required for assembly are not blisters are on the bike and must be removed. The blister contains a key and a Phillips screwdriver / allen key tool, so you need not look any tools monteren.Ik began to mount, with the front stabilizer bar and then the pedals, but unfortunately there were no pedals box. Diamondback I called and they told me that I should speak with Amazon because even if they do, is from Amazon. I called Amazon only offered me a new ship and back, I was not willing to do (I was not home for this). Diamondback so I called and spoke to their tech people said they want to send only the pedals. He told me that it weighs each box and ensure all parts are there, so apparently is the sender or uit.Ik amazon ‘ve got them for about an hour installing the rest of the bike, I’m waiting for the pedals, but it seems very well done. There are some places where the screws / bolts are a bit ‘hard to reach and take the time to tighten, but not impossible. I bought this model because a number of built-in programs, fan, MP3 input, and a place to hold my book. It also comes with the A / C adapter that most others do not. . . . . Then I tried yet. The instructions are not very well written and I am pretty techie / practice so that they were not too bad to find out what they wanted, but were plaatsen.Nogmaals confusion, Diamondback is great to deal with, I can not say enough about their sales and technical / repair people, the techie guy told me that there is an addendum to their website on the group. Even in large letters on the box says that if you have the bike assembled by a dealer, your warranty period, once again, the techie guy told me it was not true and there was information on the website that corrects . Amazon is also ideal for behandelen.Dit is one of those experiments in which patience and everything that could go wrong goes wrong, but so far all is well trying to be any problems. Rating: 5 / 5

  • I am completely satisfied with the Diamondback recumbent. It ‘came when promised, in perfect condition. It ‘was easy to assemble and’ easy and convenient to use. We have to enjoy. Rating: 5 / 5

  • m.e.:

    I was looking for a quiet bike that was similar to that used in a gym. This bike certainly fits the bill! We live in an apartment upstairs half cranky landlady, so quiet was a must. This bike makes almost no noise. As regards quality, the basis for a motion gym, MPH, heart rate and calorie consumption + settings work well. The fan is rather weak (but this is not really a difference) and installation took several hours, but was extremely frustrating. Overall I am very happy with my purchase. Rating: 5 / 5

  • If you want a good workout, this machine is for you, the only problem I had was that the audit was damaged during shipping this car seems to work well, but for how long, who knows. Rating: 5 / 5

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