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Bikes do to lose weight is fine! If you think has the best chance to cycling to lose weight. This is because you outdoor sports, improves oxygenation, increases the ability of balance and fatigue becomes known.

But often the exercise bike to lose weight is comfortable for those who are unable or do not recommend cycling. For example the elderly or people who are too overweight may begin to lose weight just doing the exercise bike. The benefits are numerous, here we summarize the main

* Weight loss
* Improvement of circulation
* Increased resistance
* Training of the heart
* Stress

The consistency should be a milestone for those who choose to lose weight with exercise bikes, especially if the tool is at home. Indeed it is known that having a subject of weight loss at home is the most convenient way to say that you are doing sports, whether at home or outside the home would need a constant activity accompanied by a balanced diet. Indeed not only necessary to burn fat but do not even ingest excess, why make a weight loss diet is very important.

What is the weight loss program with the bike?

* 3-4 times a week for a duration of 20 minutes then increasing to 5 minutes each week until reaching 40
* Cycling without going too quickly under stress, the heart should remain between 120 and 140
* Loosen the hardness of the bike ride, if you use a pedal too hard it may increase muscle mass
* Maintain an upright posture
* Do not stop
* Put the appropriate music to relax and concentrate fully on training session.

Run, bike or exercise bike?

The bike is often snubbed by the more competitive runners and cyclists, but sometimes unfairly. For there are many positive aspects that must be recognized in this useful tool.

* Can also be used by those who are very overweight as it is very light on the joints such as stroke (a medical examination is still required). Compared to the bicycle (which has to deal with the path that follows) has also the advantage of a regular light and constant resistance throughout the workout.
* Can be an alternative to the classic bike for those who have the agility and balance needed for use in road racing bike or mountain bike.
* You can exercise at any time, no matter if there is dark outside, hail or snow. There are no excuses: calories burned with the exercise bike each week are as laid down.
* When you feel too tired and you stop pedaling immediately shower you do not risk running out of energy (or a punctured wheel) away from home.

Obviously there are several drawbacks that must be taken into account, especially when the state begins to be discreet in shape.

* It is difficult to perform high intensity workouts for several minutes, a bit ‘to the monotony, but especially for the difficulties in therm regulation. Movement in sports such as running or cycling outdoors charged, the effect of “headwind” to lower the body temperature effectively. On the exercise bike when you ride in your home or gym, we remain firm in the same spot and then the evaporation of sweat is much slower. At the end of an intense workout you find yourself completely wet (as you exit the pool, for instance).
* It is not easy to quantify the progress in training. Lacking, in fact, the ability to deal objectively with other athletes and with precise reference points.
* The calories with exercise bikes for each hour of exercise were slightly lower than those that are edible running or cycling (on a “perceived effort”). If the objective is to lose weight, this should not be underestimated.

Health first

The exercise with the exercise bike should be considered as a real sport: before you start is essential to check to be healthy. A visit by your doctor (or even better from a sports doctor) may help to dispel doubts and leave safely!

Among the tools for home fitness exercise bike is definitely one of the most interesting for those who want to lose weight. On this site we often talk of running as a healthy sport preferential purposes. The bike, if used properly, has nothing to envy to the running and other aerobic sports where the goal is weight loss or, more generally, improving health.
Calorie expenditure with exercise bikes

The key difference between losing weight with running and weight loss with exercise bikes is that in the first case the calories consumed can be measured easily and with a good approximation, while the latter requires much more attention. The athletic race, in fact, forces the body to consume energy in amounts proportional to mileage. The calculation is then very simple (mileage * weight in kg = calorie expenditure).

Calories consumed with the bike (or even by bicycle) are not so easily calculable, since they depend on factors difficult to measure (regulation of resistance and cadence). Almost all modern bike displayed an indication of the calories consumed during exercise, but almost always shown as not very reliable. Only the most sophisticated exercise bikes, ergometers calls, provide a reliable estimate of calorie expenditure, as they have a very precise mechanism for adjusting the resistance (electromagnetic induction) that allows you to accurately assess energy expenditure during exercise.
Intensity, duration and frequency of exercise

If the goal is to lose weight, the three parameters must be combined so as to maximize the calories weekly. Needless to overdo a session too intense or too slow if you’ve got to stand still three days to recover! Much better ride a bit ‘less or a bit’ slower, but being able to perform a minimum of exercise every day (or at least every other day).

Caution, however, because the lack of ventilation, the fatigue of the previous days, and especially the lack of reference points (when you go by bike is easy to time how long it takes to run a stretch of road known) are all elements that may be deceived into thinking that you’re going “very strong” but when the intensity is low.

If you do not have available a very sophisticated exercise bike that allows you to measure heart rate (to the eye or ear clip sensor type systems for the fingers as they often do not work that great), you may want to buy a heart rate monitor chest strap. There are economic models that can be very useful to see the intensity of effort (with the bike, to assess the intensity of the exercise “to feeling” can be misleading).

How many calories do burn cycle? Makes us lose weight?

If you want to do a program on the exercise bike for weight loss must also consider how many calories are lost with the bike. First, the exercise bike is a very valuable tool for weight loss because it makes the body work in aerobic capacity. This means that never force our muscles and our heart beats working at constant (eg 120) and then the effort is constant. This way, you burn mostly fat.

The calories you burn over 40 minutes of stationary bike jack equivalent to a 30-minute brisk walk and are roughly between 300 and 400. If you want to start a process of weight loss on exercise bikes must follow the basic advice:

* Do not use the brake pedal the bike to harden, usarne just a few weeks just to tone the muscles, not weight loss
* No foot pedal because this forces the joints and it raises the heart rate
* Accompany the workout with stretching and exercises for arms
* Regulates diet

Just on this last point should make considerations. It is no use to begin a process of weight loss on the exercise bike if we do not regularize the diet. If we take more calories than we burn fatten so we have a proper diet and do exercise bike.

Having good nutrition means, in most cases, eliminate the superfluous, not binging, not eating at night, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. As you can see it makes a speech in the regularization of calories of food but use common sense. Even with that you get good results on the exercise bike.

For people who are too overweight you should take to prepare a program of weight loss by the doctor or an expert because sometimes leave immediately decided the bike could be counterproductive.

The training program on the exercise bike is designed to get all the benefits that brings the bike, then does not aim to become a person such as a cyclist. In fact, on the exercise bike is warming, then who wants to become an athlete continues with others in the gym or not. If you want to do a program to increase muscle tone, weight loss, promote circulation, improve cardiovascular system, etc.. the bike is a good tool.

The training program on the exercise bike is often aided by computers on the same bike. It can be hard to choose a program or an easier. The same computers have a number of programs which give the best possible start those who want to start a workout program.

Definitely keep in mind some tips:

* Should not start too hard, start with the basic program without any resistance when you pedal
* The exercise bike is not enough, and are stretching exercises for upper limbs
* Consistency, especially at home, it is essential
* Weight loss diet is also regularize
* If you have joint problems, cardiac motion or attention to do it yourself, first consult a physician
* Do not overdo

Councils seem common, but instead are fundamental, the training program with the bike that is proposed below serves to initiate a person to become familiar with the bike. Then choose your gear from the computer training programs that will please you more.


This training program is great for people who want to start going on the exercise bike. Repeat the exercises three times a week. Do not rush things. Increase of 5 or 10 minutes on the exercise bike each week to a maximum of 50 minutes. If it gets boring listening to music.

Duration 40 minutes
10 upper and lower heating
30 minutes of stationary bike after 10 minutes you can do exercises on the exercise bike for the upper limbs
10 minutes of stretching, in this regard we recommend proper stretching exercises.

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