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The exercise bike, or bike room, is an exercise device used for the most home finesse.
The basic idea is simple: pretend to ride a bike, with all the benefits that entails, staying at home and only using the pedals as a means of movement.
The advantage is the bike fits the place home, because it is minimally invasive and is suitable to be used in his spare time, also the possibility of distraction with music or television makes it less heavy exercise, a bit distracted ‘by fatica.Inoltre, there is no constraint on the weather, so if it rains or is cold training is not affected.
The most obvious disadvantage is the loss of contact with nature, open air that the bicycle itself provides.

What does the exercise bike ?
With the bike you go from room to work on muscles of the lower body, then the muscles of the thighs and calves. The upper part is not involved, if not in the commitment to keep your back straight and stomach (at least a bit ‘) inward. It ‘true that there are new models that also stimulate the arms movements compatible with the position, but most of the bike in this case is the basic model, in which the legs and arms are activated not.
For legs you can get good results with consistency, because certainly not enough 20 minutes once a week to see change the tone of the quadriceps femoral or to reduce weight: 20 minutes, but every day and following a minimum of program progress.
The bike ride is pleasant outside, while inside must commit to adopt and maintain rhythm and breathing.

How to use the exercise bike?
Point first. Start slowly. Wrong to jump on the saddle with all the enthusiasm in the world and embark on long rides that leave short of breath. First few minutes of stretching done exhaustively, then 15-20 minutes of pedaling along a steady pace, not too fast but not too slow, then cool down and then again the stretching, which is crucial after a workout.
After a couple of weeks, once learned to know the mechanics of breathing and the body’s reaction over a prolonged effort, you can, indeed must, intensifying training, in terms of speed and endurance. But always with caution, increasing gradually, not resistance from 2 to 4, but always going for the 3.
To keep in mind that the cardiovascular system is involved in physical activity, which can not be underestimated if done in house, then one must move with caution and intelligence, the benefits will not be faster if you start to get cold.

How NOT to use the exercise bike?
Do not use the exercise bike in case of knee problems, otherwise they may suffer economic trends.
Do not forget to watch the display, which is an important reference to control not only calories but also endurance, distance, time, all basic parameters to optimize the training program.
Do not forget not to do an electrocardiogram to the doctor to check to be prepared for physical activity.

Secure the bike develops muscle tone due to the absence of impacts, applying the lower limbs.
Thanks to the stress exerted on the cardiovascular system, the bike lets you strengthen the heart, developing lung capacity.

Three key points

* The smoothness of the ride:

The smoothness of the ride is a major factor to consider when choosing a bicycle for rent. Depends on the weight of the flywheel and magnetic brake system. Plus the weight of the flywheel is heavier, the ride will be smooth and regular. The magnetic braking system without friction is quiet, with a mechanical or motorized resistance adjustment, which provides a level of resistance even more precise.

* The comfort of use:

The ease of use is an important criterion in the choice of bicycle flat. A saddle will be more or less comfortable based on what will be adjustable in height and / or depth. The handle can be adjustable and tilt to be adjusted depending on height. Finally, the presence of wheels for movement allows accommodation easier.

* The computer is a central element that allows for analysis and measure results:

The computer can be viewed in larger size with a simultaneous display of basic functions: speed, average speed, length of session, distance, heart rate. Other duties may be available, such as measuring the percentage of fat or ergometer that automatically adjust the resistance of the bike as a function of heart rate fixed.
The existence of exercise programs is a major benefit for the motivation of users

The bike is flat for the most popular fitness equipment in France for many years.
You use easily at home, when you want it, without time restrictions or weather conditions. The bicycle of apartment can be used by beginners or experienced athletes.

Whatever your goal: weight loss, fortification of the heart the form of the bicycle is the ideal apartment.

For weight loss should involve a control diet to a regular practice of the year.

The bicycle of apartment can exercise the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and calves, to exercise the cardiovascular system and burn fat.
Has the great advantage of not generating any impact on the joints, thus protecting you against the risk of injury.

The electro stimulators, are not the only tools to rehabilitation programs or fight acute or chronic pain.

In this sense, are recommended for the use of elliptical and stationary bike.

The ‘elliptical is a new tool in the Italian coach that allows both the upper and lower muscles through a smooth and sweet at the same time that simulates the movement of stationary bikes and treadmills, but without creating potential problems in the joints and back ( low-impact).
Sure, it’s a tool “difficult” and often 5-10 minutes of elliptical, especially during rehabilitation, are more than enough!

Softer and therefore also advisable to older or overweight people are the traditional exercise bike that allows you to make the move between the four walls of home, with a minimum size and with any situation outside atmosphere.

The bike room is also advisable for the rehabilitation of people with heart disease and in these cases it is advisable to ‘purchase of a product that allows control of heart rate and has programs to beat consistently. See table.

Finally, the bike is very often referred for treatment to post-traumatic riaquistare strength and elasticity to the leg (at knee ligaments, ankle) after a period of forced interruption.

Medical studies show the beneficial effect that plays with a practiced exercise bike to combat and prevent disorders linked to ‘age, which, for example, osteoporosis.

The bike is a sports equipment that simulates the movement of the bicycle in an enclosed space. Knowing that it would be better to ride in the open air, the bike is a viable alternative to aerobic, cardiovascular and increased muscle tone at home or in a gym.

Usually the exercise bike is ideal for the elderly, for people who must do the rehabilitation and for those who want to make the move at home. This does not mean that there is no difficulty with the exercise bike. Making of the sport from home is important but not that which is simple and comfortable like being at home.

The exercise bike over the years has been technological, physical and scientific. In fact today there are many types of exercise bikes that range from features which have been invented and the shape they take. The types of exercise bike that we will see in this site are deepening:

* Exercise Bike from home
* Magnetic Exercise Bike
* Electric Bikes
* Elliptical Exercise Bike
* Folding Bikes
* Exercise Bike Horizontal

The types of exercise bikes are different and there are always new ones. The most used are the stationary bike at home which is also in the gym with additional sensors and computers and horizontal stationary bike or a stationary bicycle in which the back rests.

The bike was created as a simulation of indoor cycling, the evolution it is the spinning bike for example. Over the years we have introduced additional features such as the vine to harden the ride, this will tone the muscles and simulate uphill. In addition to these accessories have been introduced gradually in time:

* Screws hardening ride
* Odometer
* Pulse
* Stress indicators
* Speed indicators: minimum, maximum, medium
* Indicators of slope of the hypothetical road
* Simulators bike videos
* Handlebar folding gymnastic exercises for arms
* Etc.

The bike is an excellent tool for the well being and it brings many benefits.

The bike may have different uses for a professional athlete is that for an athlete to the first steps. Here we list some uses

Heating: Anyone can use the exercise bike as a tool to keep warm. After about 10 / 15 minutes of exercise bikes you are ready to follow his training program.

Fat burner: If you decide to follow a training program on exercise bike that provides a higher use of 30 minutes per session with varying degrees of intensity of effort can achieve a slimming effect over time. Obviously you need perseverance and good will.

Cardiovascular activities: exercise bike, if fitted with HRC program, can help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. If you decide to follow a workout based on an effort on its own heartbeats for a minimum of 20 / 30 minutes you can find relief after a few sessions. In these cases you need to be followed by a personal trainer or training appropriate to know the cards.

Soft Fitness: many elderly people need to move without endangering the heart and safely. The exercise bike is the tool used in these cases. With minimal effort and a bit ‘of music or a TV wall can make a soft year for a period of 20 minutes every day it surely will benefit the body.

Many say that the bike is boring …. Is that true?

It is true if you sport yourself locked in a dark room in silence any kind of physical activity will be boring and the exercise bike is one of them.

Try to do exercises with the radio on, or with your iPod or watch a movie on TV and certainly will be very different. The difficulty lies in constant, if you decide to do exercise bike four times a week should not become three or minimum … The home fitness needs consistently and that is why many lazy then decide to return to the gym. Consistency is key: once started training three times a week should be able to maintain this momentum. Start over every time is really difficult.

The exercise bikes, buying guide and to ‘use

Defined in simplistic “bike room” is by far the most popular tools in the Home Fitness.

From simple to more complex model with calorie, heart rate monitor and computer, allows the bike to perform a type of work very interesting as well as toning and strengthening operation in the lower limbs, being of aerobic equipment allows perform better training of respiratory and cardiovascular involved in resistance to prolonged work. The benefits of this activity on the body, in addition to creating the conditions for good health, are reflected in the increasing resistance to prolonged muscular effort which is essential to any sports training and athletic.

-By the exercise bike the muscles of the lower extremities (buttocks, quadriceps and triceps sural) and joints (hip, knee and ankle) are working in coordination and are more stressed as it does the height of the seat. The bike is well be one of the fundamental tools in rehabilitation programs. Like any prolonged activity and synergy with a balanced diet, using the exercise bike can help dispose of excess weight.

The bike-thanks to the structures that characterize even the simplest models (ie a knob that adjusts the degree of resistance and an odometer), shows the effort that you are facing and the improvements that have been obtained. If the first time at level 1, after 5 minutes we felt exhausted, but after two or three workouts you can ride 15 minutes to level 3, it is clear that the improvement was remarkable. We recommend you leave, in relation to their capacity, with a low level of effort and for not less than 8-10 minutes, because only in this way involved the physiological mechanisms that allow resistance to develop medium and long term.

-Some little advice can promote their use:

-Pedaling is too important not to stretch or bend the leg;

Pedal-pushing with the heel you work more with the quadriceps, but if you use the toe will urge the sural triceps.

1.1) Why buy an exercise bike?

Exercise bike is one of the most common tool case in the fitness market.
It ‘s a product easy to use, small and open to all age groups.

1.2) Product Definition

Often tends to confuse and recumbent ergometer exercise bike.

Defining bike: It ‘s a tool much like a bicycle without wheels generally
flywheel has a 5 / 7 kg ensuring a smooth and steady.

The bike has a knob that indicates a degree of effort. The higher the degree of
effort is most hampered the flywheel. Usually this is a console that displays various indications
including speed, time, heart rate etc. …

Defining ergometer: The Ergo meters are exercise bikes that have a graduation
Electromagnetic that allows precise adjustment effort and a high degree of accuracy.

The effort is measured in watts.

There are several Types of ergometer:

– Electromagnetic brake performance and watts: the resistance is created by the brakes;
the variation of resistance is much more precise than the exercise bike, have a high level of precision
data set, it is also possible to have performance in watts.

– Ergometers dependent speed: only indicate performance in watts of training in progress.

– Ergometers independent of the number of laps: these Ergometers can preselect
performance in watts, as the user pedals faster, you push down the pedal resistance;
when the frequency of cycling is minimal resistance thereof increases, which will remain
always on preset values. This type of ergometer is thus able to train according to
return set (or recommended by your doctor). For this reason, these models are also
particularly suitable for therapeutic, rehabilitation, moderate training system
cardie-vascular as well as sport competition.

Defining Recumbent: Recumbent exercise bike is a bike horizontally

1.3) Criteria for choosing an exercise bike?

The criteria for choosing a bike is usually based on the following characteristics:

Accessibility: The bicycle frame is open and you have no need to climb over
to move on. This option is strongly recommended for all people in rehabilitation,
people who have handicaps or the lower parts for some older people.

Flywheel: More flywheel weight cycling is important, it will be more fluid pedaling and braking.
This weight varies between 5 and 11 kg.

Free Wheel: The free wheel is much more valuable in the practice of intensive cycling apartment. Makes use of the bike much more interesting.

Heart Rate: The statements concerning the pulse are important in the control of a workout Sports ventilation or the cardiovascular system recommended by your doctor.
The only 100% reliable systems are the pulse or the Polar chest strap type.
Other systems have tolerance margins from 10 to 15% and should not be used in
vascular rehabilitation.

Programs: Some exercise bikes have a number of preset programs that simulate different types of training and then exercise. Some exercise bikes have programs Heart rate per-defined that help to deliver exercises keeping the beat steady.
The magnetic brake the bike that increase / decrease the pace of the race according to heart rate measured in real time the person is running at that time on the tool. These exercises are recommended default heartbeat to anyone who wants lose weight or increase aerobic endurance.

Types of bike:

The operation of stationary bikes can vary, but there are two dominant systems: the resistance (braking) and the permanent magnetic electromagnetic resistance.

The exercise bike that employ latter ‘s are generally more expensive, but quieter, offer higher degrees of resistance and are more accurate.


This is the standard and can also be used as folding.

The use position is that assumes the regular bicycle: you sit upright with your legs positioned in front of the torso and slightly bent forward to grab the handlebars.

It ‘s suitable to user needs. He usually volatile mass between 4 and 10 kg

Recumbent is an exercise bike developed horizontally.

It is particularly suitable for people with lower back problems thanks to a comfortable seat with adjustable backrest. The pedals positioned in front of the user rather than the bottom help to facilitate the movement of return.

Indoor cycling bike is a bike that accurately simulates the ride of the bike path and allows for particularly intense aerobic workouts.

Snap can be fixed (the ride is synchronized with the rotation of the flywheel) and click through (if you stop pedaling the flywheel continues to rotate freely).

Generally has very high mass volatile between 10 and 25 kg, making the ride very smooth.

Tips for choosing your exercise bike:

The models of stationary bikes on the market are numerous and not always easy to choose.

Consider keeping a free space equivalent to that of a single bed, with about two feet to be added on each side so that it can fit easily.

Folding exercise bikes are also available for those who had space problems.

The exercise bike or fitness bike is a stationary bike suitable home aerobic activity, which allows an indoor cycling workout especially for the lower limb muscles and cardiovascular system.

It ‘easy to use, compact, suitable for all ages and all levels of sport.

Exists in different variants (vertical, horizontal and indoor cycling) to suit different needs training.

With a circular motion with low impact on joints (especially knees) and cardiovascular stimulation than that of the race, the bike is particularly suitable for rehabilitation.

The bike can strengthen muscles, but also to increase their stamina.
It ‘also perfect for preparing for a sporting event, with the ability to formulate a comprehensive training program for that purpose.


The programs allow you to plan your training in a targeted way, depending on the total distance you want to achieve, or training time, as well as in more advanced models, to their heart rate.
Different programs may include varying speeds or inclines.

Thanks to advanced console display can monitory all the details of their training in real time.


It ‘important to maintain correct posture during exercise.

Check that the seat and handlebars are adjustable.

After sitting down with a foot at most, your leg should be almost fully stretched with the knee slightly flexed.

The handlebars should be at a comfortable distance.

Ideally, while you ride, your weight should be evenly distributed throughout the structure.

We must continue pedaling circles on instead of pushing your front foot, the better for toning muscles and avoid injuries.

Several models are cycle-room in the marketplace and not always easy to choose. Not only is there a wide choice of makes and models, but prices vary expensive: you may indeed find exercise bike from $ 100 up to over $ 1000
There are, however, the fundamental criteria to be followed for the selection of ‘tool that best suits your needs we will try to soothe article to explain.

* Resistance: There are three main types of resistance: drum, air, magnetic.

A drum is the kind of resistance “older” which is currently only on super-cheap models and is gradually disappearing in favor of the resistance of magnetic type that makes movement smoother and quieter.
The magnetic resistance is electronically controlled and generally using models that weigh less than those with other types of resistance, making it easier to move the ‘gear at home.

* Model Recumbent: Next to traditional bike room, which allows a posture similar to what occurs when using a normal bicycle, recumbent models are characterized by a horizontal, with a comfortable seat with adjustable backrest and faced pedals and not under the user.

* Adjustable Size: Not to underestimate the importance of “stability” in a particular way when you ride at a certain speed.

* Cardiac Control: Some models of bike room are equipped with a heart inside that allows you to control your heart rate without interrupting the ‘exercise, simply by touching a finger …. Other bikes, however, more comprehensive than an internal cardiopulmonary can read infrared pulses encode a chest strap to be applied to chest.

* Programs: Some bikes are equipped room with a number of preset programs that simulate different types of training exercises and then, dives allowing you to reach goals. In particularize bike room that have programs Heart rate per-defined exercises help make keeping the beat constant (is the same bike that increase / decrease the pace of the race according to heart rate measured in real time the person is running at that time on the tool). These exercises are recommended default heartbeat to anyone who wants to lose weight or increase aerobic endurance.


Another mention deserve the ergometer, which appear as an ordinary exercise bike, have the advantage of being able to adjust precisely the kinetic movement, going to limit the impact on the joints produced by physical effort.

The important characteristic of this tool is that for example you can set a threshold rate below which no pedal down in this case, the electromagnetic brake goes into operation by requiring the person who is training to return to the preset workout.

Product performance during cycling can be measured in watts, producing mechanical energy that goes to move the flywheel.

Set exercise bike

The correct choice of a tool like the bike has to be highly subjective: it is good to have in mind with clear what will be our goal, and then decide accordingly.

As always, the advice of a sports doctor can come very useful.

As for the gear bikes, there are brands that have made history in the fitness equipment in its production.

Fassi Sport, Nordictrack, to cite two well-known names in both Italian and international.

As always, a good guarantee to be part of the purchase, can make a difference for the better obviously.

If a product is cheap, it is reasonable to think that anyone presents anything, then it should seek to bring home a top quality product, reliable, I can prove its worth over time.

A tool such as exercise bikes can be considered simple and sophisticated at the same time is always the product quality that makes a difference in a good buy.

In addition to traditional stationary bikes, we have models particular.

We find the bike horizontal, which allows to optimize the physical effort to better concentrating in one leg muscle mass.

The person who trains is sitting comfortably on the legs projecting the physical effort that is better to concentrate.

elliptical exercise bike

Particular interest has also generated the elliptical exercise bike, developed vertically, then without a saddle can sit, is to engage in physical exercise all muscles of the body and not just the legs.

Also has no pedals, but of platforms able to make the person a circular motion also backwards.

The elliptical tool widely used in the U.S. and a bit ‘less in Europe, is to combine some aspects of the work to that of treadmill exercise bike.

It is to combine a circular motion typical of those produced by pedaling to a vertical movement such as cross-country skiing for example.

In recent years, is having a good interest and is recommended for those who must carry out very intensive training sessions, are among the workout gear that defined low-end training, physical activity rhythms rather bland, which is housed in rehabilitation therapy for example, because is not likely to improve and shape the physical, but rather to maintain and rehabilitate certain conditions.

That can work with many people who do not practice physical activity at a competitive level or otherwise be devoted to training to increase their muscle structure.

Thanks also to the rowing machine you can still make good training sessions to contribute significantly to the maintenance of good physical condition.

he exercise bike or bicyclist chamber is a tool that allows us the perfect simulation of pedaling in an environment protected from severe climate and weather.

History of the bike

The exercise bike is one of the best home fitness tools.

Keene P. Dimick, U.S. in 1968 had the idea of an exercise bike, lifecycle, biclicletta a chamber specially designed to maintain the best and improve their physical condition, making use of sports equipment in their home.

Without doubt revolutionary, later used by millions of people with the benefits that we all know.

In case of rain or severe weather, smog, limited time to cut out after a hard day’s work, the exercise bike allows you to do physical activities by optimizing the most time and physical effort in the harmony of the family home.

Is also widely used in gyms, exercise bike proves a viable alternative to traditional bike in training, when because of the above factors is inappropriate use.

The idea reflected by a significant success, becoming popular also in use in professional training, substituting training with the bike on rollers.

The evolution had the bike today allows us to have a sophisticated training device very comfortable in its use.

Features bike

The bike is made of painted steel frame with high strength to resist scratches.

It has anti-skid feet for the support that in some cases allow the regulation even on a level irregular.

Obvious that its location should find place to ensure stability.

Both the handlebar that the seat is height adjustable, we can choose the model of the saddle most optimal as the grip the handlebar more favorable.

The bike can be equipped with casters for easy transport.

The flywheel has a fundamental task in the exercise bike, thanks to this fact that you can control and limit the mechanical energy transmitted by physical effort.

Work with the kinetic energy, that energy that a body gets caused by the result of his movement.

Each bike is built to support a weight limit.

Only in the people and sturdy it is necessary not to overlook this option when choosing a good bike is easily capable of supporting the weight of a person up to 120 kg.

In many models, the stem also plays the role of rowing, going to implement the working muscle.

Are now marketing exercise bikes also sophisticated, with computers, dvd player, and thanks to the display we can constantly monitor the parameters of physical effort (eg when it is incorporated a heart that then connects to our chest).

Mileage done, strain controlled, flying characteristics more selective on the basis of any need for training, handlebar that acts as a rower, the choices we have are so many to choose the tool most appropriate.

An indispensable tool for good fitness.

Valuable results to be the use of stationary bikes also in rehabilitation therapy of the leg muscles are also under medical advice in this case, never forget.

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