How many calories do burn cycle? Makes us lose weight?

If you want to do a program on the exercise bike for weight loss must also consider how many calories are lost with the bike. First, the exercise bike is a very valuable tool for weight loss because it makes the body work in aerobic capacity. This means that never force our muscles and our heart beats working at constant (eg 120) and then the effort is constant. This way, you burn mostly fat.

The calories you burn over 40 minutes of stationary bike jack equivalent to a 30-minute brisk walk and are roughly between 300 and 400. If you want to start a process of weight loss on exercise bikes must follow the basic advice:

* Do not use the brake pedal the bike to harden, usarne just a few weeks just to tone the muscles, not weight loss
* No foot pedal because this forces the joints and it raises the heart rate
* Accompany the workout with stretching and exercises for arms
* Regulates diet

Just on this last point should make considerations. It is no use to begin a process of weight loss on the exercise bike if we do not regularize the diet. If we take more calories than we burn fatten so we have a proper diet and do exercise bike.

Having good nutrition means, in most cases, eliminate the superfluous, not binging, not eating at night, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. As you can see it makes a speech in the regularization of calories of food but use common sense. Even with that you get good results on the exercise bike.

For people who are too overweight you should take to prepare a program of weight loss by the doctor or an expert because sometimes leave immediately decided the bike could be counterproductive.

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